>An Idiomatic Essay On "Fortune Favors The Brave"


Althoughgrace of God and blessings of elders bring achievements, a hard working andsincere person gets the co-operation and coordinating of all due to hisbraver. Fortune or destiny smiles on him because he dares to achieve the goal.
Alwaysluck goes hand in hand with people who dare to work out for enforcing somethingnew to traditional system. Only those people get positions in history who show bravery andfought against the prejudiced customs and rituals. In other words, who moveagainst the flow of a stream is hero, not the person who swims with the flow ofthe steam.
Fear is a state of mind and unless and until onethinks more and more positive, bravery would not come, To progress and prosper,one has to be bold enough to cross the hurdles in the path of destination.Challenges and obstacles are ever present in the way of life and if it isdecided strongly to achieve the goal nobody can stop the person. Gandhiji andAbraham Lincoln are the best example of it and the popular saying “fortunefavors the brave” fits for them perfectly.
Braveryis not confined to the soldiers and defence personnel but is is a dynamicquality within an individual which decides the characteristic and nature of theperson. To remain in constant struggle with the existing situations for thebetterment of livelihood and for the overall progress and prosperity is also atype of bravery. To cite a simple example, the great artists had to face thestage fear and nervousness at their first performance and if they had not shownbravery at that time, their fate might not have smiled on them in the form ofpopularity.
Fightingfor a social cause makes one brave. Raising voice against injustice or violencerequires courage. Fighting for others bring blessing and appreciation inreturn. Mother Teresa and Florence Nightingaleare two such bravewomen who earned historical positions fortheir selfless deeds, although criticized in earlier state. If they weredeviated from their path due to criticism, they would not have left behindtheir footprints in the sands of time.
Aperson reaps exactly what he sows, hence bold actions surely pay in future. Oneshould meet the ups and downs o life with dignity and grace, making the best ofcircumstances. Thus, bravery should be infused into the young so that they canface the challenges of life to make fortune favor them because thematerialistic would today requires people who are bold, daring and full oflife. Try, try and try again till the goal is attained is the ‘guru mantra‘ today for the young mind to face thechallenges with courage.
Modern age finds it more appropriate if couragebe intimated by the generosity. So luck favors him who is soft and mild on onehand and bold and courageous on the other, but shy and fearful persons do notget respectable success even after having all the talents in them. The mostrelevant and contemporary example of fortunate and courage is Baba Ramdev whoopenly criticized all the inhuman practices as well as spoke up openly againsta number of multinationals. But the appreciation and faith he is getting allover the world is increasing day by day.
Successnever lowers its standard to accommodate someone but he has to raise hisstandard to achieve it and it is possible only by bravery. The man who isconfident himself commands the confidence of others. The only need is to put is valor withenthusiasm. A small example is that if you love somebody and not gatheringenough confidence to covey it then the object of your love could pass by you.For each and every stone to turn into your favor the determination and opennessis required. One only need to act without any fear and surely the rays offortune will be shining over him.
Godgives the life and man has to live it. If someone shows bravery in his lifeperforming some good deed then God showers grace over him and he hits the target. The perception of boldness and confidencehelp him in this achievement. Besides constant effort, enthusiasm andobjectivity towards life bring the ladder ofsuccess and leads one to the topmost position.
Self control, optimistic approach,openness to feeling all are forms of valor and courage. To lead somebody in theright path, to raise the standard of people surrounding you, to present a moralexample- all are forms of bravery. These not only make a person shine like astar but lead others to perfection.
Self realization and analysis is the mostessential part of bravery. To learn from mistakes is the most significant highwhich saves a person from fault and failure. Thus, “improve thyself”is the philosophy of success. One must not forget that victory comes bycultivating within him all the required traits of success and it is also an actof bravery.
Theconcept of Industrial revolution, green revolution, social,political, economic and religious revolutions, all are the result of braveryand have given much to the society. Today we live in an era of globalizationbut behind that the courageous and innovative steps are there. our legislature,judiciary and executives all have lost that type of courage, the result ofwhich is lot of power, prestige, faith and respect which they once enjoyed themost.
Aboat cannot reach the shore if it surrenders to the tempest, a student cannotpass an examination withoutwriting on the answer paper. Thus, the surest way to turn destiny according toyour wish is to determine to succeed and work hard to sincerely with bravery.

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